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Business Administration Program Outline (Approved by PTIB)

Brief Program Description

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity to acquire the required knowledge and skills to perform a job at the beginning level positions in the field of Business Administration.
Career Opportunities Entry level positions in the field of business administration/management.


High school certificate (12th grade pass) or mature student status. Interview by admissions officer/campus director or pass an admission test. 19 years of age.
Program Duration 12 months
Delivery Methods Distance, In Class Delivery and Combined
Instructional Methods Classroom (Instructor-led learning activities followed by guided self-study and project/review/tutorial)


•       Discuss primary management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading & controlling.

•       Explore basics of microeconomics

•       Explain various roles in Human Resource Management.

•       Explore principles of marketing.

•       Apply various concepts of organizational behavior.

•       Formulate simple business strategies

•       Use basic accounting principles for day to day accounting & book keeping needs of a business.

•       Explore the financial environment and the tools used by the finance professionals.

•       Use a personal computer for computing needs of a business.

Distance, Blended Learning In order to complete the program, students must have the following:

•       Laptop.

•       Zoom application & Edmodo installed.

•       Internet connection (Ethernet/WIFI)

•       Microphone, headset & webcam


Student Progress/

Assessment Methods

Method of Evaluation:

Assignments =

Quizzes = 20%
Midterm Exam = 30%
Final Exam =

Passing Mark Over all 60%



Attendance Expectations 85%
Credits to Complete 30
Credential Outcome Diploma




List of Courses



Course Title Hours Credits
WM412 Management Principles and Practices 80 3
ME401 Foundations of Microeconomics 80 3
HR401 Introduction to Human Resource Management 80 3
WM403 Organizational Behavior and Management 80 3
WM406 Fundamentals of Business Strategy 80 3
WM401 Fundamental Accounting Principles 80 3
WM431 Introduction to Finance 80 3
WM409 Principles of Marketing 80 3
WM302 Business Communication 80 3
WM301 Computer Basics for Managers 80 3
Total : 800 30