IATA Inauguration Ceremony Pictures 

“Canada is a country with opportunities. People who are willing to work and hungry to learn and this is where Mr. Sohail comes in and knits everything together.” – Mr. Ken Hardie (MP)     
“As we come out of this pandemic, airlines need more skilled people.” – Mr. Gurjit Gill-(IATA) -International Air Transportation Association.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         















Our Students Welcoming MP’S of the area to the Inauguration Ceremony
     Students at Registeration Desk keeping records of visiters









Mr. Gurjit Gill Honouring Mr. Sohail Durrani with ATC    (Authorised Training Center Certificate) 






Westminster College wishes Good Luck to students who are having the last day of  practicum & last day of class with us. May they all achieve their target goals in life and the career they are want.  We arranged a little Good Bye Treat for students to cheer them up after working so dedicately.