Our impressive management team brings a vast background of education, skills and experience. Natives of three different countries lived in other countries, and extensive cultural awareness makes for exciting discussions over coffee or tea or at lunchtime. We all want your experience at Westminster College to be memorable and rewarding. When you graduate from your course, we want your future employers, and your friends and family, to ask, “How did you learn so much? And so well?” and you will be proud to say it was due to the efforts of the staff and faculty at Westminster College.

                                Dr. Nessim Tariq – College President                                                                 

Dr. Nessim Tariq has a Ph.D. in mathematics he has taught extensively in many Colleges & Universities. He is very much interested in promoting education. His vision for Westminster College is to provide quality education and ensure graduates will move forward with their careers.



                                                                                                   Ms. Rosie Dhillon- Administrative Assistant                                                         

Ms. Rosie joined the college at the end of 2021. She brings a special life to the school, keeping us all on our toes. She oversees our social media accounts. She brought to the table her Masters degree in Business Administration and her Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as in Arts, but also her extensive background in working as an administrative assistant in Metro Vancouver as well as back in her home country. She is working on many projects such as“Health Care, Social Service and Addiction and Airline to provide more career-focused opportunities. Keep an eye out for her smile when you walk into the campus, especially now that she doesn’t have to wear a mask.


                          Mr. Paul Donovan – Head Instructor                                                                   

Mr. Donovan has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in International Business. Mr. Donovan has started up many small businesses, is heavily involved in volunteer organizations, and taught English in Japan for several years. Paul leads in the Business programs at the college, as well as oversees the ESL training for the HCA Program. Paul is a strong advocate for effective teaching, but not just teaching but being sure that the lessons are being learned through many life experiences and examples.